Our Culture

Our Culture

At Pure Incubation Ventures, we recognize the pivotal role that company culture plays in shaping long-term business success.


Studies have consistently shown that a positive culture is a top predictor of sustainable achievements.

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Our fellow employees are our greatest asset. Ask for ideas and feedback. No decisions should be made in a vacuum. All planning should involve the local departments that will be affected.


Our commitment to each other is what makes this place special. Relationship isn’t an afterthought; it is what makes this business run smoothly. Take time to get to know each other and celebrate each other’s victories.


Perfection is not necessary. Ready, aim, fire. No one can be perfect, so don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good. We want to be down-to-earth and honest with each other.


Don’t create a vacuum. Pass on information so that everyone is informed. Share both bad and good. Communicate. Widen the circle of leadership to let in more people to the think tank.


We need to be nimble and ready to pivot to keep up with the market. We should be a think tank of ideas. Speed is a part of staying at the forefront. We don’t follow the market; we lead the market.


Be humble and take the heart of a servant leader. We aren’t here to take credit, but for a shared purpose to make a successful company that can help those in poverty. Empower those that report to you. Good leaders make other good leaders.


Doing things for others, expecting nothing in return

Whether coming together for the business, those in need, or even each other, we set aside our own agendas and step in to help whenever needed.

No one person is more important than another. 

 Together we succeed. 

In the Philippines, the word bayanihan carries great significance. It’s an old house-moving tradition where a group of men lift a house on their shoulders to relocate to somewhere safer after a big storm. This is all done expecting nothing in return.

“Great leadership is like a well-rooted tree, where strength and guidance flow from the roots, nourishing every branch and leaf, empowering each employee to reach new heights.“

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