Measurable Results.

Real Business Value.

Faster Sales. Higher ROI. Stronger Advantage.

Our technology-enabled, people-powered, data-driven demand generation solutions are changing the way businesses reach, engage, and convert their customers.

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Our Companies

Founded in 2007 by industry and entrepreneurial veterans Melissa Chang and Barry Harrigan, Pure Incubation has launched five self-sustaining subsidiary companies – MedData Group, PureB2B, Demand Science and Prospect One.

MedData Group

Expanding Healthcare Marketing Opportunities

MedData Group is a leading provider of healthcare data solutions helping providers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare IT, medical education and publishers engage with professional healthcareaudiences. Our professional and clinical data combined with the largest database of multi-channel offline and digital contact data powers campaigns that engage physicians and other HCPs.

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Accelerating the Technology Sales Process

Our comprehensive suite of demand generation marketing solutions drives engagement across the entire sales funnel. From data to qualified leads, from account-based marketing to content syndication, we help B2B technology companies reach their target audience, fill their pipeline, and drive higher ROI.

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Demand Science

Creating Meaningful and Profitable Marketer/Buyer Relationships

Our wholly-owned, Philippine-based firm provides the full range of back office support services to our client-facing subsidiaries. This fully-integrated team includes core operational groups like HR and finance as well as client service groups such as analytics, campaign support and telemarketing.

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About Us

Pure Incubation is a global demand generation and content marketing company serving the B2B and healthcare industries through its subsidiary firms. Our proven methodology for building profitable companies combines decades of strategic and technological innovation with a uniquely integrated approach to staffing and an unwavering focus on our purpose: delivering measurable results and demonstrable value.

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The success of our company rests
on three core attributes:

Technology Enabled

100% home grown, our proprietary technology stack gives us an unparalleled market advantage. Developed, tested, and proven over the last decade, this collection of customized infrastructure, apps, and user interfaces gives us the ability to provide an end-to-end demand generation solution that’s unlike anything else on the market.

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People Powered

Put simply, the people behind our companies are the best of the best. Many of our key personnel have been loyal members of the team for ten+ years, and our success routinely attracts top talent. Our employees in the U.S. and abroad love working here, and our clients get the best of both worlds with our highly integrated blend of U.S.-based management and Philippines-based operations.

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Data Driven

Once upon a time, marketing was more art than science; but today we use data to measure performance in real time and eliminate the need to allocate marketing dollars based on best guesses. We are constantly expanding our vast data resources through acquisition and research and improving their accuracy via the most rigorous QA processes in the industry.

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Experienced. Innovative. Level-headed.

The best leaders aren’t in it for the glory. They’re in it for the long haul and the greater good.

Pure Incubation’s leadership team has been collaborating for the better part of two decades as pioneers in technology-enabled lead generation and their own distinctive brand of offshoring and outsourcing. Together, they have built a successful and sustainable family of companies that serves a diverse clientele in an expanding market.

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Our Clients

Thanks to the loyal patronage of these and other leading companies, Pure Incubation has been regularly recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.