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Pure Incubation Ventures funds and supports exceptional founders that are poised to become the next big players in the industry.

Industry Expertise Across the Board

Barry Harrigan


Melissa Chang

Vice Chair

George D’Errico
Cara Smith
Executive Director
Kristen Duffy
General Manager

Pure Incubation Ventures is a specialized investment firm focused on providing financial and operational expertise to technology companies at every stage of growth and transformational real estate projects.


Our core as a company hinges on our deep understanding, empathy and respect of founders who choose the entrepreneurial path, and on our drive to provide them with exceptional value. With our experience in the field of technology and data, our companies can leverage our extensive entrepreneurial knowledge to prioritize critical business areas, like operations and finance.

What We Do

Improve financial performance

We help companies think strategically about financing—assess their capital needs and find the optimal combination of debt and equity to grow their business, all while minimizing risk and dilution.

Operational efficiency to help you scale

We help companies maximize their chance of success by uncovering capital-efficient ways to operate, experiment, and grow.

How We Add Value

For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the unique challenges entrepreneurs face. We are looking for companies that can benefit from our resources and experience.

Investing in the Philippines

We see an enormous opportunity in the Philippines. We want to help U.S. companies access Filipino talent and to help Filipino companies access U.S. markets.

Building Real Value

We don’t just “do deals.” We look for opportunities to make meaningful contributions and build real, lasting value.

Science-Based Demand Gen

Proven community led growth strategies and industry leading science-based demand generation marketing services.

Big Data and Analytics

Collection and analysis of large amounts of data, market insights, and customer information create new opportunities enabling operating companies to foresee behaviors and plan for effective customer acquisition activities

Unlocking B2B Markets

M&A activities are producing new products and services while expanding markets and generating new operating companies powered by our demand generation engine.

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