People Powered

While data and technology provide the raw materials and delivery mechanisms behind Pure Incubation’s demand generation products and services, the company’s leadership team believes strongly that PI’s employees are its most valuable asset.

Over the last decade, PI has pioneered a unique and profitable approach to human resource management. Unlike the typical offshoring/outsourcing models employed by technology companies, the Pure Incubation strategy combines a highly integrated matrix of U.S.-based management with top-shelf operational staff based in the Philippines. The result is a win-win for clients who get the best of both worlds — the seasoned expertise and vision of the U.S. leadership team with the cost-effective support of a high-caliber offshore team.

Just as important, Pure Incubation benefits from the outstanding quality and loyalty of its diverse and dispersed workforce.

Flexible & Scalable

Pure Incubation uses a combination of full-time, part-time, contract, and virtual workforces around the world to build custom teams based on geographic and capacity needs. This resource mix flexes easily to adapt to shifts in workload while ensuring optimal delivery and budget management.

To further support cost-effective solutions, the company employs a tiered operational structure in the Philippines, with supplemental support teams in Davao and Pampanga.


& Well-managed

One of Pure Incubation’s most critical strengths is its uncommon approach to hiring and managing offshore resources. While the company’s corporate leadership team is located primarily at the Topsfield, MA headquarters, key members of the operational team work out of the company’s Philippines-based offices.

No matter where they are hiring, the PI team is dedicated to attracting and carefully sourcing top talent across the entire organization. To manage this talent and keep the machine running smoothly, Pure Incubation has built a deeply integrated working relationship and management matrix that keeps the dispersed teams in perfect sync as they partner on complex client projects and campaigns.

Loyal & Invested

Unlike many companies that employ offshore resources, Pure Incubation thinks of and treats their Philippines-based direct hires as fellow employees and valuable team members. In fact, company employees don’t use words like “offshore” or “outsourced.” In day-to-day operations, each valued member of the team is relied upon equally and has plentiful opportunities to make direct contributions. The company’s family-friendly, egalitarian environment helps the company secure not only the best candidates from the Philippine’s top schools, it also attracts top talent from the US market.

Around the globe, Pure Incubation’s supportive and empowering approach to team building and management fosters a very real sense of loyalty and commitment that mirrors the long-term relationships the company has created with its partners and clients.