Pure Incubation’s leadership team shares a long history of industry innovation and business success.

Each of these entrepreneurial professionals is passionate about solving problems, delivering results, and building sustainable companies that are capable of evolving with the markets they serve. Through every stage of PI’s rapid growth, this team has maintained a profitable balance between the responsibilities of running a global organization and a commitment to driving continuous advancement and expansion.

Perhaps most impressive of all, they have accomplished this without compromising their ability to provide rich and rewarding opportunities to each member of their growing team.

Barry Harrigan


Barry has more than twenty-five years of experience developing successful lead generation, demand generation, and online media businesses. He was ahead of the curve in 1995 when he kicked off his Internet career with the successful sales launch of Bigyellow.com. More recently, and prior to joining Pure Incubation, he operated business units for IDG, Ziff Davis, and the United Companies.

He also founded and operated many of his own firms, including MarketLynx (merged with the United Companies), Business Media Group (merged with International Data Group), and Connexus Media, which he sold to Ziff Davis. Barry’s extensive background in the technology, B2B, and small business markets gives him a unique perspective from which to shape his vision for Pure Incubation.

Barry is a founder of Pure Incubation and serves as a chairman at PureB2B, MedData Group, and Demand Science.

Melissa Chang


A respected expert and pioneer in lead generation, data driven strategies, and the development of web applications, Melissa has an impressive track record of delivering online innovations and leading successful web application development. She has more than a decade of in-the-trenches experience in the industry, including executive leadership positions at Ziff Davis, Connexus Media, and IDG.

Throughout her career, Melissa has taken an approach that balances team leadership with hands-on execution, a formula that has served her and her extended team well. Melissa is the President and CEO of Pure B2B and Demand Science, and is also a Director at MedData Group.