Data Driven

Data provides the raw material for all Pure Incubation’s demand generation products and services. It is both the input that sets the process in motion and the output that delivers value to the end clients. Data is the element that makes it possible for PI’s subsidiary companies to help their B2B and healthcare industry clients measure and manage performance and adjust spend with near real-time responsiveness.

As a critical component of the company’s business, data is consistently an area for aggressive, strategic growth. The Pure Incubation team is always actively acquiring and sourcing new data assets and also constantly working to improve the quality of those records.


The value of any data set is driven entirely by how accurate it is. Incomplete or out-of-date records are worthless. Pure Incubation employs more than fifty highly trained data researchers and quality assurance specialists who verify the accuracy of every data point in every record.

Working by hand, these professionals apply their rigorous process not only to the company’s existing database, but also to incoming data from partner companies. In addition, Pure Incubation’s constant, first-person interaction with database records through email and telephone touch points ensures that the records are constantly updated with the latest information.


Pure Incubation’s B2B technology and healthcare databases include many layers of information on each contact record. In addition to basic demographics (name, email, phone, title, job level, job function, etc.), the company is able to provide additional geographic, firmagraphic (company name, size, revenue, etc.), behavioral, procedural (in the case of clinical indicators), and installed-base data.

The depth of detail enables the creation of customized call file lists and campaigns based on the specific requirements of individual PureB2B and MedData Group clients.


The largest, most accurate, and most detailed database is only as useful as it is accessible. Using a variety of proprietary and third-party technologies, the PI development team provides its subsidiary companies with a rich tool set for blending, standardizing, and normalizing vast quantities of data so that they can be segmented effectively for use in campaigns.

In addition, the company’s data warehouse enables the in-depth analysis of complex data sets to provide critical insights that help shape and drive client demand generation strategies.

The Pure Incubation team does not believe that demand generation is a process that should include guesswork. This is why they are so committed to providing the data assets and associated technologies clients need to hone in on their target audiences more efficiently and cost-effectively.